HOW TO: Photograph Your Work

Photographing your work can be a tricky process but it's essential in order to best present your art. We've put together some strategies for how you can display your work in the best light!
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HOW TO: Frame Your Artwork

Choosing the right frame can be essential to finding the right tone and completing the look of a piece.
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FEATURED ARTIST: Interview with Angela To

Angela To is based in New York. Her works explore the interplay between colour, landscape, and pattern, resulting in dynamic paintings.We spoke with Angela about the inspiration behind her works to get a deeper sense of what goes into her practice. 
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HOW TO: Start Your Collection

Beginning an art collection can often seem daunting and inaccessible–but that doesn’t have to be the case! It may take time and effort, but collecting art that speaks to you is worthwhile and rewarding in itself.
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