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Beginning an art collection can often seem daunting and inaccessible–but that doesn’t have to be the case!

It may take time and effort, but collecting art that speaks to you is worthwhile and rewarding. Great art can change the way you look at the world: it can help you see things with a fresh perspective and can give insight into things you may not be aware of. 

By supporting artists you become an integral part of their careers, investing in their practices so that they can continue to produce authentic and original artworks that may connect with wider audiences. As the artist’s reach grows, so does the value of your investment. 

We’ve outlined some tips and tricks to help you begin your collection and your journey into the art world.

Buy pieces that speak to you.

Whether it is something as emotionally intimate as a personal connection to something the artist has depicted, or an aesthetic attraction such as the colours resounding with you make sure that the piece is something that you want in your home and life. This is going to be in your space, so your opinion is the most important. Trust your instinct!

Consider your space. 

Try to buy pieces that you know will work in the areas you have in mind. Spaces are adaptable, but if you buy a 8’x8’ painting to hang on a 6’ tall wall, it might pose a problem. Consider size, shape, and what you already have occupying the specific spaces you’re looking to use to showcase your tasteful collection. A well presented artwork will stand the test of time.

Need help envisioning an artwork in your space? artfully offers complimentary digital mock-ups of works in your home! Contact us at for more details. 

Don’t be satisfied with posters.

While that Pulp Fiction poster may have had a place of honour in your university dorm - buying limited edition prints or original pieces of art support working artists. Make your collection unique and you’ll notice your appreciation for your collection grow.

Keep an eye out for emerging artists.

Artists just graduating from art school or just beginning their careers are great places to start your collection ⁠— especially since you will be in a position to follow their careers and artistic progress. Find new and exceptional artworks for your collection on our recurring feature ‘Ten New Artists to Watch’. 

Step outside the box.

Don’t be afraid to purchase art that doesn’t fit conventional norms ⁠— this is often the case with works that challenge artistic standards and lead new movements in contemporary culture. You could be on to something! As your collection develops, so will your taste ⁠— buy art that appeals to you and your unique vision of the world.

Store your art properly.

You want your investment to last. Whether it is handling, framing or hanging, make sure your work is presented safely in the best possible conditions: consider lighting, positioning, and secure fastening to stable surfaces. Proper attention to care will assure you’re able to enjoy the work for years to come. 

And finally, enjoy yourself!

While we just provided a list of how to start your collection, ultimately the art you buy is dictated by you and you alone. Have fun with the process and expand your collection with your happiness in mind! Browse our artists to see if there are any pieces waiting for you to fall in love with them here.


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