HOW TO: Photograph Your Work

Photographing your work can be a tricky process but it's essential in order to best present your art. We've put together some strategies for how you can display your work in the best light.

Here are some directions we've found compliment just about any work of art: 

  • Photograph in natural light. When possible, turn off harsh lights to minimize hotspots and glare on reflective resin, glass, film and prints. 
  • Maintain a consistent image frame that is a uniform width and height for each work in a series.
  • Photograph level with the centre of the artwork so that the image is framed squarely and is symmetrical across the artwork's horizontal centre line.
  • Take additional close-up shots to allow clients to see the textures and significant details of your work.
  • Photograph artwork at a 45° angle, making certain that the artwork edge is visible.
  • Submit only .jpg works to artfully, around 1000x1000 pixels

Most importantly, ensure accuracy. When photographing your work, confirm that the colour and details are accurately portrayed. IF your photos are out of focus your work will not sell easily.

For optimal images, should you have access to materials, follow these steps:

1) Hang your artwork on a neutral wall, such as white, black, grey, or beige, because it won't pull attention away from your art. Place your camera so that the center of the work is perfectly centred on your camera. 

2) Ensure there is proper lighting. Daylight is often best unless you have access to professional lighting. Weather permitting, photograph your work outdoors in cloudy or overcast in indirect sunlight. 

3) Adjust camera and settings.

Position the camera so that the majority of the frame is the artwork, with only minimal background that can be cropped out later. Ensure that the edges are straight and not bowed as much as possible. 

4) If needed, edit photos.

Edit the lighting of works minimally in order to convey correct and accurate imagery. For the artwork that will be displayed on artfully as the main image of a series, ensure the image is cropped to only the artwork.


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