Angela To

Angela To is a recognized Canadian painter who is well known for her buoyant paintings of verdant flora. Her work is characterized by fantastical color combinations along with intricate repeating forms. She uses the tools of painting, drawing and printmaking to decipher the world; through mark making, pattern and color she has developed a vocabulary that begins with chaos and endeavors toward order; this process responds to the sensuality of paint, the pleasure of building up surfaces and the liberation of erasure. Her paintings are conduits for capturing and making tangible the sensation of being confronted with splendor.

Angela To was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada where she studied fine art at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, she later earned her Master of Fine Art degree from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio; afterwards she remained in the United States to pursue her burgeoning studio practice and a teaching career.

To exhibits widely in the USA and Canada. She is the recipient of numerous travel grants to participate in international artist residencies most notably at the Cité des Arts Internationale in Paris, France and the Icelandic Textile Center in Blönduós, Iceland.

Her work is collected in the USA and Canada in both private and public collections such as the Chatauqua Institution and the State University of NY in Jamestown, NY. She maintains a studio in the Southern Tier of NY where she is an Associate Professor of Art at Alfred University.

60 X 48 X 2 in. - $6,000.00
Instead of Rhinestones
60 x 48 in. - $6,000.00
48 X 36 X 1 in. - $3,300.00
When She Wanted to Wander Free #1
48 X 36 X 1 in. - $3,300.00
When She Wanted to Wander Free #2
48 x 48 in. - $3,600.00
Impatients #1
48 x 48 in. - $3,600.00
Impatients #2
60 x 36 in. - $3,400.00
Garden of the Palace
36 X 60 X 2 in. - $3,600.00
Early Magnolia
48 X 36 X 1 - $3,300.00
Jonquil Morning
35 X 36 X 2 - $2,000.00
Tell Me #1
24 X 25 X 2 in. - $900.00
June Tree
30 X 24 X 2 - $1,200.00
Scout #1
30 X 24 X 2 - $1,200.00
Scout #2
24 X 24 X 2 - $800.00
Middle Distance #1
24 X 25 X 2 - $800.00
Middle Distance #2

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