David Tycho

David Tycho was born in Vancouver and attended the University of British Columbia, where he studied painting under renowned Canadian artist Gordon Smith. After graduating with a degree in Visual Arts Education, David moved to Asia for four years, an experience which had a deep and lasting effect on his art.

For the past 30 years, David’s painting has straddled the genres of abstraction and representation, at times more experimental and intuitive and at other times more reflective of his surroundings. His works are inspired by locations ranging from pristine wilderness to urban sprawl, to the people he encounters along the way.

David has exhibited his work in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Geneva, Brussels, Zurich, Singapore and Manila, and his work is collected worldwide. He and his work have been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and he is often interviewed on radio, podcasts and television.

40 x 30 in. - $4,600.00
Urbania #15
40 x 30 in. - $4,600.00
Street Life #1
48 x 36 in. - $6,500.00
The Corridor
36 x 36 in. - $5,000.00
Urbania #3
16 x 20 in. - $1,700.00
Urbania #20
24 x 30 in. - $3,000.00
Urbania #10
24 x 36 in. - $3,500.00
Urbania #6
24 x 30 in. - $3,000.00
The Gates of Paradise
36 x 24 in. - $3,500.00
36 x 36 in. - $5,000.00
Street Life #2
36 x 48 in. - $6,500.00

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