Joy Munt

Joy Munt is a Vancouver based painter.

“My main brush is a power sander.  It allows me to approach my landscapes in the matter in which I perceive them, which is a beautiful world of construction, stasis and deterioration and yet somehow polished and smooth.  My paintings are an expression – a distillation – of the impressions made on my psyche by the landscapes around me, whether it be the prairies in which I grew up, the West coast of my adult years or the short time I spent in a large Eastern metropolis.

My process is evident my art; it’s not something I try to hide, use and then discard, or disguise. The techniques and tools I employ – layers of pigment, sanding, scraping back, lettering – are there, exposed in the finished work.

The text I use in my pieces is often found on, or inspired by the text visible on shipping containers, grain elevators, truck, trains; sometimes I use randomly chosen numbers or letters chosen purely for what they bring to the piece graphically or compositionally.”

48 X 66 X 3 in. - $4,450.00
Oh Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie
48 X 66 X 3 in. - $4,450.00
Lost Like a Ship Adrift at Sea
48 X 66 X 3 in. - $4,450.00
Going Down That Country Road
48 X 48 X 3 in. - $3,250.00
Running Up Hill
48 X 90 X 3 in. - $6,000.00
This Train Leaves When the Sun Goes Down
24 X 72 X 3 in. - $2,850.00
Like the Echo of a Passing Train
36 X 36 X 3 in. - $1,700.00
Under the Freight Train Bridge
36 X 36 X 3 in. - $1,700.00
Down the Way the Roads Divided
48 X 48 X 3 in. - $3,250.00
In the Forest Playing in the Rain
48 X 48 X 3 in. - $3,250.00
Sixteen Tons and What Do you Get
36 X 36 X 3 in. - $5,100.00
In Flanders Fields the Poppies Blow
48 X 48 X 3 in. - $3,250.00
We Could be Diving for Pearls

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