Lisa Free

Lisa Free is a Canadian artist known for her loosely rendered sparkling waterscapes and elegant tonal interiors.

Free’s work is rooted in her strong connection with the 1000 Islands region of Canada, drawing inspiration from the shimmering St. Lawrence River, windswept island pines, and historic castle interiors. Free works with an intuitive colour palette and gestural paint application, attempting to convey her subject with minimal strokes. The resulting paintings portray the essence of her subjects, while radiating warmth and familiarity.

Following a 15 year career in theatrical costume design and work as a commercial textile artist, Free turned her focus to painting full time, and quickly gained a following of dedicated collectors. Free has exhibited in established exhibitions and galleries since 2010, and her work is collected in Canada, the United States, and Europe.


40 X 40 X 1.5 in. - $4,000.00
Lisa Free Art Early Reflection | Available at
36 X 48 X 1.5 in. - $4,300.00
Lisa Free Art Impending Storm | Available at
22 X 28 X 1.5 in. - $1,600.00
Lisa Free Art Winter Bay | Available at
30 X 30 X 1.5 in. - $2,300.00
36 X 36 X 1.5 in. - $3,200.00
40 X 30 X 1.5 in. - $3,000.00
30 X 40 X 1.5 in. - $3,000.00
30 X 40 X 1.5 in. - $3,000.00
Nocturne Reprise
36 X 36 X 1.5 in. - $3,200.00
Snow Daze
40 X 48 X 1.5 in. - $4,750.00

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