Lori Bagneres

Lori Bagnérès

Lori Bagnérès is an artist, curator and educator based in North Vancouver British Columbia. She holds a Masters of Contemporary Art from L’Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Grenoble, France and a B.Sc. (Engineering) from the University of Guelph, Ontario. She began her art-educating career at Le Musée de Grenoble and taught art for 15 years at The Vancouver School Board, The Vancouver Art Gallery VAG and The Royal Conservatory of Music (Learning Through The Arts) in both French and English. As a visual artist, Lori maintains a regular studio practice in her home studio. Her mixed media work is exhibited in private and public galleries throughout B.C and Ontario. Recent exhibitions include The Toronto Artist Project TAP 2018/2019, The Interior Design Show: IDS West, Vancouver, The Cityscape Gallery, North Vancouver, and the Pendulum Gallery in downtown Vancouver. Lori has been part of the Artfully curatorial team since 2015, regularly visiting and establishing connections with artists in their studios in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Her selection of contemporary artwork from various genres is derived from thriving & vibrant artistic communities on the west coast of Canada. She looks forward to supporting established and emerging artists from all over B.C and the rest of Canada.

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Alissa Sexton

Alissa Sexton

Since 2005, Alissa has facilitated representation for emerging and established artists while developing strong relationships with art industry professionals. After a fulfilling career as co-director of one of Canada’s most respected and long running contemporary galleries, Alissa has focused her attention on individual artist consultations, providing artists with the assistance they need to succeed in the commercial art world. By coaching through studio and curatorial work, and advising on online presence and market trends, her guidance has helped hundreds of artists reach their goals. In 2020, Alissa founded the temporarily online exhibition space, which helps artists by providing an accessible e-commerce exhibition solution.

Alissa holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours majoring in Art History from the University of Guelph, and a graduate certificate in Museum Management and Curatorship from Fleming College.

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