Here, There, Everywhere

Size: 12 X 16 X in.
graphite, acrylic gouache on paper

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The images in Bettina Harvey’s series Dendrochroma re-imagine the science of dendrochronology across the experience of the aging human mind, and the changes over time in personality, perception, and emotion. Where dendrochronology accounts for the life span and variances of a tree through counting and analyzing the concentric rings that circle through its trunk, Harvey’s pieces use colour gradients to suggest the imprint of the past on a person’s aging experience. Atop her acrylic gouache colour gradients, Harvey draws intricate graphite images of driftwood collars, whose densely overlapping tissues remain as evidence of the central structure of a tree that has survived after the long journey of life. Invoking the mood of past eras—the punchy brights of the early eighties, or the blending techniques of nineties design trends—the colours in Harvey’s series represent the imprint of bygone eras on the mind and personality.

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