Red Odyssey

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travertine & granite

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This abstract female torso is carved from a variety of travertine that is quarried near Pisa, Italy. I really love the multi-hued reds of this stone, coupled with the negative spaces that give great visual curiousity when the viewer looks closely. The circular base is black granite.

My composition takes a queue from ancient Greek amphora jars that remind me of a female torso form. I have long had a fascination with Greek mythology and culture, admiring how they progressed from the stiffness of the Cycladic period to the realism of the Hellenistic period. I’ve orientated the striations of the travertine and the graceful curves of the form to align on an angle that goes up from left to right in the first photo. The circular form represents a breast and the opposing arc form represents a shoulder blade. The overall finish of the piece has a smooth, matte surface which allows the stone to absorb light and effectively cast shadows. The black granite has a high gloss finish.

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