Backdrop of Time

Size: 48 X 12 X 8 in.
marble & granite

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The form of the sculpture is a simple asymmetrical vertical composition that is narrow at the bottom and top and gently swells in the middle. The artist has added an undulating negative space down the front of the sculpture which gives the illusion of the sculpture splitting open. The inside of this surface is polished to a satin sheen and reveals the dark grey colour of the marble. The edges of this fissure are slightly raised and add an interesting shadow line detail. Binkley feels the piece should be displayed on a low pedestal as this allows the physical presence of the sculpture’s mass to be appreciated the best.

The stone is a dark grey when sanded smooth and a wax finish is applied. This accounts for the dark elliptical surface at the top of the sculpture and the undulating fissure down the front. The sides are all treated with a fine file finish that follow the vertical lines of the art work. These result in the light grey colour and are an interesting texture to touch and the tiny vertical shadows caused by the file grooves add visual interest. It is mounted on a highly polished black granite cube that contrasts with the matte finish of the sculpture and secured by a hidden steel pin. The sculpture and base can be separated and the sculpture can freely turn to any attitude.

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