Adrift in Love

Size: 48 X 15 X 8 in.

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There is a story behind this one. Sometimes, an artist doesn’t always get it right the first time.

This female torso began as another finished sculpture, called “Adrift in Veiled Gesture” and was a female nude depicted under a gaussian veil and I laboriously worked a fine file finish over the whole piece to emulate a look and feel of linen. I was quite pleased with the result, but the sculpture stood in the gallery for years, barely getting noticed. Those who did stop to look at it mostly recoiled – “Is she supposed to be a ghost?!” Oh well…

So I decided put the piece back on the worktable. I removed all the drapery, her arms and head and reworked the piece as a stylized nude torso, this time with a smooth, matte finish. When one touches her now with closed eyes, the marble almost feels like real skin.

The stone is a variety of marble called bardiglio that is quarried in the mountains above Carrara, Italy. The soft, dove-grey colour of the stone is accented with lightning bolt striations of black (those aren’t cracks you see!).

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