Pierced Wave

Size: 14 X 15 X 12 in.

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This sculpture was inspired by some of the abstract sculptures by my friend, sculptor Cynthia Sah, based in Seravezza, Italy. Cynthia and her husband, sculptor Nicolas Bertoux have a beautiful studio and gallery, ARTCO where I rented space to work during Sept. and Oct. 2018. Both artists work strictly in abstract forms and all are very organic, undulating and beautiful.

My composition is like a breaking ocean wave, rising and curling over. All surfaces are smoothly curved and askew. I’ve carved opposing surfaces that are concave and which almost break through, but I’ve left enough material to exploit the marble’s translucent ability. Finally, I’ve created the illusion that I’ve tried to poke a sharp pin through the centre of the sculpture, with a deep hole on one side and a pointy protrusion opposite.

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