Sand Dance

Size: 24 X 6 X 6 in.
marble & granite

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I began work on this sculpture in Sept. 2018, when I rented studio space in Seravezza, Italy. This variety of marble was new to me, but caught my eye in a finished piece done by one of the studio owners, Cynthia Sah. Cipollino (Italian for onion) is quarried in Italy and Greece, and the Italian quarry is conveniently located east of Seravezza.

This abstract form has a contained composition with edges and surfaces that carry the viewer’s eye around the sculpture. I’ve created a very subtle negative space at the top of the sculpture that is resembles a plant’s leaves opening. The overall composition also likens to a bird from. I wanted to create a simple form that held shadows, and did not fight with the lively pattern of the marble. The title was inspired from this pattern, resembling sand swirling in the wind. I’ve left the surface a smooth, matte finish that is wonderful to the touch.

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