Size: 4 X 18 X 13 in.

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Theta is the eighth letter in the Greek alphabet and is used in reference to mathematics and astrology. With this in mind, I was inspired to title these two abstract forms after θ, as the letter’s symbol resembles their shape and I think they look like alien spacecraft.

I found the raw marble as a off-cut from another project in the storage yard of the Seravezza, Italy studio where I rented space to work in Sept. 2018. The piece was thin, had one slow curved side to it, the result of a wire saw cut and I split it into two pieces for this sculpture. Years earlier, at Studio SEM in Pietrasanta, I worked alongside Arman Agop and was mesmerized by his simple abstract alien-like forms in black granite. I’ve channeled his work a little here.

The pieces are free to move, so the viewer can arrange the pieces in any configuration. As they stand on their curved edge bottoms, they can rock gently.

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