Size: 72 X 24 X 3 in.
Rug Hooked Fibre Work

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1. the action of beginning something.
2. the introduction of someone to a particular activity or skill.
3. the action of admitting someone into a secret or group, typically through ritual.

Materials: donated wool blankets, recycled saris and t-shirts, hand dyed-spun wool, inherited silk fabrics and parachute cord. (#1 of IN//HABIT quartet)

A yoga mat sized hooked ‘yarn painting’ (open framed to invite touch) speaks to the rewards of both personal ritual and communal practice as an antidote to other numbing habits, addictions and distractions.

This crafting ‘makes permanent’, not perfect, creating more ease and receptivity to adaptive growth, and new dimensions of perception and renewal. 

'In//habit' embodies a deep and universal rumbling, and an undeniable reckoning toward connection.

A tactile transmutation of shame to grace, fear to love, woe to wisdom.

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