Noon Sun

Limited edition printed on archival fine-art Epson Legacy Etching paper

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From the series Tales of the Sea.

Old sail boat hulls, resting in dry dock bear the story of every voyage they’ve taken, etched by currents, waves, and debris. The pattern of accumulated memories, written in chipped paint and rust stains, bookends the ocean itself, author and scribe of their adventures.

The triptychs play with the line between representative and abstract art. The initial impression of shape, colour, and space provides an emotional tapestry for the series. These abstractions resolve themselves into specific representations of sail boat hulls flanking close ups of the ocean. Each hull tells its own unique story; each view of the ocean provides a glimpse into the forces that carved these memories.

The boats – most at the end of their ocean-going life — were photographed in a boatyard on the West Coast of France. The ocean photographs are from nearby, the same waters where these boats sailed.

An archival print on Epson Legacy Etching fine-art paper, a 100% cotton fibre paper with an OBA-free, subtle textured matte surface. Limited edition of 18 + 2 AP

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