Olympic Village Beavers

Archival pigment print backmounted to aluminum

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A few years ago, a family of beavers settled in a small park next to the Olympic Village condo development. As the name implies, these buildings served as the athlete’s village for the 2010 Olympic Games, after which units went on sale as luxury condos. However, after financing problems, cost overruns, and the rush to build in time for the games, they had a poor reputation and were slow to sell. In fact, in 2011, 62 owners filed a lawsuit, alleging that their units were badly designed and poorly built. But, after some time, bars and grocery stores opened in the area and the units sold out, as Vancouver’s usually hot real estate market took off once again. Nowadays, the adjacent park is full of joggers and locals taking their dogs to the off-leash park, right next to the beaver lodge. Although a fun and popular sight for locals (the beavers even have their own instagram account) it’s hard to imagine that amongst all that foot traffic, the bustle of people and dogs, is the best place for a beaver to build a lodge. It seems that even they can’t find their preferred housing in Vancouver.

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