Size: 36 X 36 X 1 in.
acrylic on canvas

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Urban architecture is made up of individually designed structures which work together as a single unit, presenting a skyline of various heights and forms. The city is formed by the individual architect’s focus on designing the building and its placement in the existing urban plan. My objective is to create intrigue. As I look upon the urban landscape, I'm drawn to the details and planes that create a composition of buildings in a two dimensional, rather than its three-dimensional format. There are negative spaces amidst the positive spaces, there are overlapping angles, repetitive patterns and a geometry of shadows cast by buildings upon each other. When I paint from this perspective, the horizontal lines of balconies and fenestration, juxtaposed with vertical elements and a glimpse of sky emerge as an exciting composition. My paintings reveal smaller patterns extrapolated from the big architectural picture portrayed in our city; patterns that exist around us every day but are seldom noticed or studied. By comparing what I see to what I paint, I am challenging the viewer to see buildings not only for what they are, but for the effect they create- and through that come to appreciate them even more.

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