Permanent Resident Canada Geese

Archival pigment print backmounted to aluminum

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A previously migratory bird, perhaps no species has done better to transition to residing permanently in human-altered areas than the Canada goose. And, few doing so has caused as much consternation amongst humans. Often considered pests, Canada geese are at home in city parks, golf courses, and other pleasant outdoor spaces near water where we like to walk, sit, play, and enjoy the outdoors. The geese enjoy these spaces as well, grazing on the manicured grass, and rather notably defecating up to three pounds per day each. Concentrations of E. coli and other bacteria in their feces present problems for local authorities, and have actually led to beach closures in some places. Although attempts are made to control their population, Canada geese are a protected species throughout North America and their numbers continue to grow, both here and abroad, where these Canadians have settled as permanent residents in Great Britain, western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, China, and New Zealand, amongst other places.

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