Rabbit Co-op

Archival pigment print backmounted to aluminum

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For most people today, your twenties are a time in your life where your income level and desire for independence often leads to living in basement suites, co-ops, or older rental apartment units. Like us, rabbits live in domiciles where they burrow separate rooms for living, nesting, and sleeping. These are often then interconnected with the homes of many other rabbits, with multiple entrances and emergency exits. And also not unlike many people at that stage in their lives, rabbits are of course known for their frequent mating. In their case, as a prey species, their prodigious reproduction rate serves as an effective survival strategy. As it turns out, though, when in cities, where there are smaller patches of open land, all these rabbits clustered together forces them to each live in smaller living spaces within the burrow. Like us, to live in cities they must trade stately rural homes for modest urban apartments, no matter how many offspring they may have.

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