The New Millennials

Dimensions: 24 x 30 in., Medium: Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel

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Mixed media artist Lori Bagnérès combines muted horizons of paint and other mediums with her photographs using a transfer process that helps to define her unique surreal style—one that playfully mixes realism with abstraction.

In a painting like “The New Millennials”, a high-contrast image of a winter tree gets transferred onto a prepared painted panel: the photograph is now stained into the painting. After the transfer process Bagneres layers more acrylic, spray paint or gouache to the surface to make it look seamless. Finally, after getting the painting to a stage where nearly everything is there, she erases it all—sort of. With a palette knife, Bagnérès butters a form of encaustic—a matte, soft-gel medium from a formulated recipe that substitutes beeswax for acrylic—onto the painting until everything vanishes. “I kind of obliterate my entire composition,” she says. “But it comes back, giving a hazy ethereal effect to the surface of the artwork”

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