Trash Pandas

Archival pigment print backmounted to aluminum

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Originally reclusive creatures that burrowed around trees near rivers, hunting for frogs and crustaceans, some raccoons moved into cities, where they absolutely thrive. There are now 50 times more raccoons living in Toronto, the raccoon capital of the world, than in any adjacent rural space of the same total area. Their small size and dextrous, hand-like front paws allow them to navigate into the very core of human-built spaces, and of course, they can eat anything. Approximately 1/3 of all food we produce goes to waste, so there’s a lot available to them, and being the ultimate dumpster divers has changed the raccoon’s behaviour, physiology, and perhaps even their brains. Very human health concerns like obesity and heart disease affect city raccoons, although they still live much longer and breed more than their rural cousins.

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